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Your personal stylist can style you wherever you are. Now you can look your best wherever you live!

Your personal stylist can style you wherever you are. Now you can look your best wherever you live!

Achieve your style and image goals from anywhere in the world.

Have you been wanting an LA stylist or NYC stylist to style you and help make you over but you live in Kentucky? Or Texas? Or Costa Rica?

Whether there isn't a Shopping Friend in your area, or you're not up for an in-person styling session, online virtual styling can conveniently bring one of our premier personal stylists right into your home.

Clients from all around the world are improving their images and refreshing their wardrobes with the power of modern technology and the skills of their Shopping Friend.

The Shopping Friend Stylists offer the same premium service, attention, and care to our online clients as we do our in-person clients.

Our Virtual Styling Services include:


Via photography, mood boards, and Skype (or Facetime) sessions, your Shopping Friend can help you assess what is and isn't working with your wardrobe, make shopping suggestions to fill in the gaps, and give recommendations of how to achieve a great wardrobe according to your tastes, lifestyle, and personality.


Your Shopping Friend can help you find the right pieces through online shopping suggestions. Based on your lifestyle, tastes, body type, and budget, your stylist will help you discover the shops that are right for you.


Want an easy way to remember great combinations of outfits from your wardrobe?

Our customized style look books are crafted as a visual aid to help you completely utilize your wardrobe, accessories, and shoes.

Reference your style book to remember how to put together striking outfits and recall what accessories go with what items.

Especially during busy times, these books can be invaluable.

You will take photographs of the pieces in your wardrobe, new and old, and your stylist will help you create looks and outfits.

ESTIMATED TIME: Online Virtual Styling sessions typically take somewhere between 4-10 hours, dependent on your individual style and wardrobe needs.

MINIMUM SESSION TIMES: 2 to 2.5 hours is the minimum amount of time for any session depending on what location you're in. If your session happens to take less time (which is rare) you will still be charged for the minimum amount of time. Contact us to find out the minimum session time for your city.


Ready to redefine your style? Let’s get started!

Have any questions? Call us at 1-888-789-0907 or contact us online.


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Looking young is one of the biggest desires of human kind. The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry annually. We want smooth, supple skin. We want thick, shiny hair. We want bright, vibrant eyes. We want an image that attracts...everybody!

So don't mess it up!

Taking care of your health is a huge part of maintaining an attractive, polished image. Many of us spend thousands upon thousands of dollars buying products that "rewind time" and clothes that bring out our best, only to demolish those efforts with spoonfuls of unhealthiness.



What’s casual to you? Sweats? Jeans? A funky dress? Dressy pants? A short skirt? Sexy boots? Converses? Short answer: any of it.

Casual dressing, for many, suggests unfussy or careless throwing together of things. What that can result in, sometimes, is a walking fashion disaster if you are actually being “careless.” If you’re making this blunder of looking like a frumpster and calling it casual, stop. It’s time to re-define your style definition of “casual.” Casual dressing implies free and easy; not showing effort or strain. Casual dressing is NOT haphazard, sloppy dressing.

What we actually all want, in the name of “casual,” is effortless, attractive style.