It's your own personal catalog featuring varied stylish outfits from YOUR closet and wardrobe .

It's your own personal catalog featuring varied stylish outfits from YOUR closet and wardrobe.

Want an easy way to remember great combinations of outfits from your wardrobe?

Our customized style look books are crafted as a visual aid to help you completely utilize your wardrobe, accessories, and shoes.

Reference your style book to remember how to put together striking outfits and recall what accessories go with what items.

Especially during busy times, these books can be invaluable.


We come to your closet and put together 15 to 20 looks that can be worn in various situations and photograph them. We create a baseline that you can use as a guide and help you create your own unique outfits from your wardrobe.


Clients who struggle to remember how to put varied outfits together or just don't feel like doing it, love this look book.

We come to your closet and create many different ensembles that we photograph so you have a visual aid of the majority of options that exists in your closet.

Peruse your Look Book for any occasion: interview, date, meeting, wedding, casual picnic, amusement park, gym...etc.

ESTIMATED TIME: Personalized Look Books take typically somewhere between 2-5 hours to create, dependent on the size of the your wardrobe and your desired amount of outfit combinations.

MINIMUM SESSION TIMES: 2 to 2.5 hours is the minimum amount of time for any session depending on what location you're in. If your session happens to take less time (which is rare) you will still be charged for the minimum amount of time. Contact us to find out the minimum session time for your city.


Ready to have your own personal catalog starring your wardrobe? Let’s get started!

Have any questions? Call us at 1-888-789-0907 or contact us online.


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Posted on October 9, 2014 and filed under Services.