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The Stylists' Shopping Bag

That's a Big Bag!

Our shop and style articles are filled with the personal favorites of our stylists. What WE would put in our shopping bags.

Everything from clothes, to accessories, to shoes, to personal care products, to non-toxic products, to behind-the-scenes clothing tapes, clips, and tricks that professional stylists use in Hollywood, and everything else shopping related that you want recommendations on.

We even have recommendations on great programs, books, e-books, courses, videos, and more so you can elevate your style skills. We have everything for beginners to experts. If you just want to know how to maximize the clothes in your closet, to learning how to become a successful fashion designer, or even learning how to become a personal stylist yourself!

And because so many of our clients come to us to enhance their dating and professional lives, we also offer products that will help you do just that.

This shop will slowly build, so please have patience with us as we continuously add to it and refresh it. We work with affiliate programs. By clicking or purchasing through some of the links on this site or through our social media platforms, we may receive a small commission. Rest assured, we will never recommend anything that we don't love and wouldn't use ourselves or recommend to clients, friends, and family members. We hope our suggestions rock your world and bring wonderful value to your lifestyle, health, wardrobe and image!