The Shopping Friend gives free style tips and fashion advice. Top Denver and LA personal stylists for corporate consulting, professional wear, and personal wardrobes.



The Shopping Friend offers you an array of services that you can mix and match all day long - just the way your wardrobe should be.

Since we offer this tantalizing tray of delectable choices, every client's shopping and styling package varies.

Why we price hourly instead of pre-set packages.

We used to offer pre-set pricing packages but found that we were always having to adjust the packages because each client's needs were different. So now we have decided to allow individual clients' needs and style goals to dictate the size of the style package by using an hourly fee structure. Read more here about what you need to consider when choosing a stylist.

Any in-home services that require your stylist to come to your home (like closet consultations and Look Books) have an additional house call fee that typically ranges between $30 and $80 depending on where you live. Contact us to verify what your house call fee would be.

What you can expect time wise.

Most closet consultations range between 3-7 hours. Typical personal shopping sprees start at 4-5 hours and go up depending on your wardrobe needs. Basic Look Books take 2-3 hours and more in-depth Look Books can take 4-6 hours. These time frames are estimates and will vary based on your individual circumstances.

Please contact us for pricing and tell us your dreams, desires, fears...oh, and also what your styling needs are. We can't wait to hear from you!

Once we know what you want and how we can deliver what you want, we'll be able to price out your very own kick-ass personal styling package.

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