Expert Consultant and Witness for Family Law Cases

Michelle McFarlane is a trusted professional who specializes in legal-support services for family law cases in high income child support disputes.

Michelle is America's reliable, go-to, child support expert witness and consultant for family law cases.

Her expertise in determining the reasonable budgetary needs for children in family law cases is unmatched. Her clients range from Hollywood movie and television stars, to NBA and NFL athletes, to doctors and entrepreneurs. However, her services are available to any client in the U.S. in need of solid, reliable, expert child support testimony, exhibits, and declarations.

Michelle's knowledge in children's needs and reasonable costs came from years of working as a professional, personal shopper.

She has shopped for many clients of all ages and genders for the last twelve years. Her wide range of clients include celebrities, heads of studios, CEOs, housewives, military personnel, students, lawyers and other professionals, to name a few.

Michelle shops for her various child clients as well. They come from all kinds of differing family situations and backgrounds, with ages ranging from six months old to eighteen years old. She has developed an extensive knowledge of the reasonable needs and costs of raising children due to the intimate nature of her job with her clients. Part of her job involves closet consultations and shopping for anything and everything; from organic food and toiletries, to clothing, to specialized toys, to electronics, to diapers, to furniture, you name it.

There is no doubt about it, an expert consultant or witness can make an enormous positive impact on your case.

As an expert consultant on the reasonable expenditure needs of raising children, Michelle offers assistance to cases with unique circumstances. Circumstances such as a client wishing to rebut the use of their state’s guidelines as their legal argument; or a client wanting to obtain a fair judgement when a custodial parent is asking for an award that exceeds the needs of the child.

Most of the time, the benefits of hiring an expert can:

  • strengthen the likelihood that you will obtain a favorable settlement or judgment
  • give a more accurate valuation
  • help acquire a better child support or alimony order.

Michelle's child expenditure reports, along with her exhibits and declarations, are used in high income cases to determine the child's best interests, as well as both parents' best, and most fair, financial interests in establishing child support payments.

If you are a parent in a special, high income situation you should discuss with your attorney to determine whether this service would benefit your case.

We work hand in hand with our clients to achieve the shared goal of preserving their net worth and cash flow. If the award is not viewed as fair by both sides, the odds go up for continued litigation and expenses on attorneys and related court costs.

Michelle typically works with lawyers to provide the research and exhibits to be presented in court. Most of her cases have involved pre-trial analysis and exhibits without having to testify in court.

If you need a child support budgetary expert who possesses a solid educational background, over twelve years of experience in her field of expertise, an ability to speak eloquently in court, and prior expert witness experience, Michelle provides all of that. She holds a BS in Finance and a BA in Communications from Boston College.

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Lawyers who handle child support cases are invited to consult with Michelle on approaches for their clients.
Lawyers who handle child support cases are invited to consult with Michelle on approaches for their clients.

Expenses are typically not considered when determining child support. If you are in the unique situation of being involved in a high income case, arming yourself with the accurate numbers of the reasonable needs and costs of your specific child could be the difference between a fair, reasonable, and just award and a ruling where you pay more than the needs of your child.
— Michelle

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