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Shopping and Styling Services

We offer a premiere image consulting service no other styling company offers. You, as our client, will benefit from a team of two expert personal stylists focused on your specific style and wardrobe needs.

First, an introductory interview where we begin to construct your image profile. From there we go into the Discovery Process where we assess your goals, challenges, tastes, personality, and lifestyle to determine the best strategy to achieve the right look and wardrobe for you.

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Looking to update your professional image?

It’s proven that a polished work wardrobe enhances confidence and stature. Our clients have reported higher positions, pay, and more clients because of it.

Want a look and style that has your dates or spouse responding with admiration?

Nothing feels better than knowing you look good, not worrying or doubting your outfit, and enjoying the praise you will get from it.

Do you want an overall style identity that is polished, flattering, and just makes you feel good?

What a great feeling when your entire wardrobe is balanced, polished, and communicates exactly who you are. When your outfits, for any occasion, flatter you and give you actual enjoyment every time you look down at yourself.

Want to style with a team of personal stylists who truly understand fashion and image for you?

You make tons of fashion choices all the time because you have to get dressed every single day. Our stylists understand that style is used to express who we are as human beings. That it's a very personal and intimate part of you that is always changing and evolving based on our moods, our surroundings, and what's happening to us in our lives.


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*note: For in-home services, car pick-up services, or our out-of-town clientele, there are travel time charges of $25/hr plus reasonable traveling expenses, including ticketing and or car service cost in advance.