How ripe are those babies?

How ripe are those babies?


As always, I like products that tend to be more organic and toxic-free because I believe the inner health of our bodies adds to our outer beauty. The deodorants listed here have minimal to no toxic chemicals with maximum effectiveness.

Feel confident when you lift your arms that you're fresh as a daisy, clean, and healthy!

Feel confident when you lift your arms that you're fresh as a daisy, clean, and healthy!

The Toxic Debate

There is much debate about aluminum in antiperspirants. Antiperspirants rely on various forms of aluminum salts to block and dry out sweat. Since it’s known that aluminum is a potent neuro-toxin and has been linked in some studies to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer, I figure, better safe than sorry.

Sorry anti-perspirants, you’ve been banned from the list of Best Deodorants. Keep in mind, that with some of my recommendations, you will sweat, because deodorants don’t block perspiration, just BO. However, some of these deodorants are actually quite effective at reducing sweat.

These are in no particular order since each product works differently with each individual’s unique body makeup. Also, bear in mind that even though a product is labeled unscented or fragrance-free, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains no fragrance chemicals. Manufacturers often add masking chemicals to cover the scent of other chemicals in the product, resulting in a product that does not produce a detectable scent.


Soapwalla Deodorant Cream // This is my personal favorite. I sweat. And when I do, I don't necessarily smell like fresh flowers like I pretend I do. I honestly think this deodorant is God's deodorant. Totally non-toxic. It is the most miraculous product I use. I struggled for so long to find a chemical free deodorant that worked well. Soapwalla was the divine solution to my prayer. And the awesome part? It lasts ALL DAY. I don't have to reapply until I shower. In fact, sometimes it lasts until the next day. And it works equally well with men and women. Even super stinky guys! Not only do I think it's the best deodorant in the natural market, I think it's the best deodorant in the market. Period. Better than mainstream products. When I first started using it, and I've heard others say the same thing, it was itchy. If you have any broken skin it can sting a little. But now my skin is used to it and it's amazing. The ingredient list sounds like a garden. And it has tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture and inhibit bacteria, so perspiration is very minimal. And I love the founder's story. She started making these in her Brooklyn kitchen because she had skin issues and now she has her own little Brooklyn factory. Great small business success story! 

LaVanila Healthy Deodorant // This deodorant is awesome and has a lot of fans. All the different scents are fresh and clean smelling. They're not too vanilla-y, don't worry you won't smell like a baked good. And they are great with keeping odor at bay. It also has moisturizing properties that smooth and soften the skin and a nice texture that is not sticky. Depending on your individual body chemistry, it easily lasts 4-6 hours, without reapplication, but you probably would need to reapply at least once a day. The down side of this product is it’s cost, it has a slightly higher price tag than most deodorants. Another not so good thing is that one of the main ingredients in The Healthy Deodorant is propanediol, which is a petrochemical used in the production of plastics and antifreeze, like propylene glycol. This is not a non-toxic deodorant, but it’s cleaner than most mainstream deodorants.

Erbaviva Organic Deodorant // This natural deodorant works very well. It has a light, fresh, and clean scent and dries quickly with no residue. It’s good for people with a sensitivity to fragrances. One of the longest lasting deodorants I’ve found. Many people say it lasts all day or more for them, reduces their sweat, and successfully keeps odor away. It is very light and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. It’s non-irritating to the skin. Pure Complexions makes this great deodorant and offers great customer service. Since it is a natural formula, know that the thickness varies from batch to batch. Thicker formulas can impede the “rolling mechanism”. To bypass this problem – turn the deodorant upside down and squeeze until you see the deodorant ooze around the sides of the roller – then use accordingly for a week or two until it starts behaving. Great for odor and wetness control. More effective than most brands, mainstream or natural. 

Miessence Organics - Imagine an explosion of fresh tropical juices and fresh clean mint slamming into each other to create fresh, tropical, nirvana under your arms. This fresh, citrus/herbal cocktail deodorant works very well and boasts a large customer following. It's created by an Australian company called ONE Group, who creates 100% natural personal care products, with a strong emphasis on organic ingredients, this is an affordable natural deodorant that truly holds up. It is completely natural, with 89% of those ingredients being organic! There are 3 fragrances to choose from: Tahitian Breeze, Ancient Spice, and Aroma-Free. Tahitian scent is a mild citrus, patchouli/floral and Ancient Spice is spicy/citrus. Comes in a Recyclable #1 plastic bottle.

Bubble & Bee Pit Putty & Deodorant // PROS: This organic natural deodorant is one of the very few on the market that actually works under almost any conditions. Running, sweltering humid apartments, first date…It doesn’t have the most marketable name, but this deodorant has a nice, clean fragrance. They do offer a spray, but it’s not as strong and effective as the putty. Both, however, smell delightful. The scent is more citrus than floral, being made from lemon, cloves, and coconut. It is very refreshing and is great for either men or women. Very effective with wetness control as well. They have an odor control deodorant satisfaction guarantee, which is rare and awesome! If the first deodorant you try from them doesn't work for you to control odor, they will help you find a second, or even third one that does. They have found that if one deodorant doesn't work for you, another one will. So, the first thing they do is send you an alternate combination of bacteria-fighting essential oils or method of delivery (spray vs. stick) of your choice. All you pay is the shipping (which they don't up-charge). If the replacement product doesn't work for you, they will repeat the process until you're absolutely thrilled. Can't beat that guarantee! CONS: Be aware that the stick is thick and white, must be applied immediately after your shower, and you have to massage it into your arm pit or else it will crumble and end up all over your clothes. If you have the patience, it’s well worth trying. Or just get the spray.

Dr. Hauschka // This deodorant is gentle and effective. If you aren’t accustomed to a roll-on you might find the initial application slightly cool and “wet” (which, of course, it is!), but it takes care of business. If you have the patience to wait the minute it takes for it to dry, this product is fabulous, effective, long lasting, and healthy for you. It comes in a recyclable glass bottle.A great deodorant but it has a few cons: It’s expensive and feel like they don't have enough product in the container.

Weleda Deodorant // A very nice and natural deodorant. It has a high price point but it lasts a long time. Both the Rose and the Citrus scents are popular. The citrus is my favorite with a lovely, fresh and mild authentic smell. Plus, for some, it dries to fragrance free. I’ve heard the sage is a little remniscent of cooking a turkey, so you’ll probably want to stick with Rose or Citrus unless you like smelling like Thanksgiving. You can also use it as an all over body spray. The deodorant lasts about half a day to a full day, depending, and probably requires one re-application a day for most people. The main ingredient is alcohol, so some have experienced a slight sting when applying right after shaving. Many think the re-application is worth it for this deodorant’s benefits.

Lafe’s Natural and Organic Deodorant Spray // Application can be a little tricky at first, but this spray-on deodorant is effective and once you become used to application, it goes on well. There is no skin irritation associated with this spray, even right after shaving. It’s long-lasting, can improve the condition of your skin, and is great for people with sensitive skin. The scent is pretty neutral. CONS: Just for me personally, sprays don't seem to last that long on me. I usually have to reapply at least once a day. It's easy since it's a spray, but still a slight annoyance.

Burt’s Bees Herbal Deodorant Spray // This herbal blend mixes sage, lemon, and lavender with a fresh scent which is not really gender specific, but I think the scent seems a little more masculine. It fades after a few minutes though, so it’s not really a big deal and many women love it. The sage smell is definitely a hit or miss for some people. This deodorant spray will probably require reapplication once a day. Ladies should wait a few minutes after shaving to apply. It does have alcohol in it and will sting if you don't let the pores close up first. Apply 2-3 sprays when applying.

Terressentials Roll On Deodorant // This deodorant has 4 different flavors. My favorite is zesty citrus. The roll-on has a good consistency to it and maintains it’s scent for several hours. It won’t leave any white marks unless you apply a generous amount, but it’s basically just the baking soda in it and will wash out easily. The baking soda helps absorb moisture, but it can be uncomfortable on irritated skin. The packaging is great – you can actually use up ALL of the product, however, it’s a little more costly for the small amount that you get.

Terressentials is a very environmentally and health conscious company. Their website says they only use ingredients that the USDA permits in certified organic food. They proudly list the ingredients of all of their products so you can scrutinize them and compare them to products by other manufacturers. Many of their products aren't just "organic" by the USDA standards — every single ingredient is USDA certified organic. Instead of stearic acid or cetyl alcohol, they use certified organic cocoa butter and certified organic shea butter. Instead of ammonium lauryl sulfate or decyl polyglucose, they use mild, traditional cold-process castile soap made from certified organic olive oil. And they don't slip in any funny stuff in the fine print at the end of the list of ingredients. The end result is true certified organic skin care, body care and hair care products of unprecedented quality.

Arm & Hammer’s Essentials Natural Deodorant // This is the only deodorant in the list that is really not non-toxic and has propylene glycol in it (which I’m not a fan of and think you can absolutely avoid with all these other choices). Myself and many Natural Deodorant users try to stay away from that ingredient. I included it because it is aluminum free and lasts all day without reapplication and it is cheaper than most of the non-toxic products. Make sure you check the ingredients to be sure you’re okay with some of the chemicals in it. The ”Unscented” version has a fresh, clean smell while the “Fresh” version actually smells more masculine to me. This is a good solid that goes on clear, doesn’t rub off, and never shows on clothes. The scent is subtle and clean.