This Is The Best Way To Get Revenge On Your Ex

Barbara Ballinger had been married for 29 years when her husband announced he was leaving her.

“I was very embarrassed when it happened,” Ballinger, co-author of “Suddenly Single After 50: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Navigating Loss, Restoring Hope, and Rebuilding Your Life,” tells The Post. “I had gray hair, I had gained some weight, and I just hadn’t been paying attention to my clothing.”

Divorce pushed the Hudson, NY, resident to seek professional fashion help from an image consultant.

Forget Resolutions - Here Are Real Ways To Achieve Your Goals

Most of us have goals and desires for our lives. Around the new year, like now, you might feel motivated and inclined to do something positive for yourself, like lose weight, learn a new skill, update your wardrobe, acquire more clients, work on getting a promotion, etc... you know the deal. Many of us call them resolutions. Then come February or March, the motivation fizzles and that resolution becomes a distant memory...until next New Year.

How do you materialize an idea you have in your head into tangible, real life results?

Converting an idea into a reality (regardless of the required investment of time and money) is never an easy task. In fact, it is extremely difficult. Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate executive, “giving ideas life” is much like giving birth to a child.

As the old saying goes, “If it were easy – everyone would do it.”


Yes It's True! You Can Earn More Money By Improving The Way You Dress

People believe what they see. If people think you look successful, in their eyes you are successful.

Attractive, quality clothes can change your life. You don't necessarily need to spend a ton of money, you just need to know how to choose the right pieces. You might even have great, hidden pieces in your closet that you already own. If you don't know how to discover great pieces on your own, a good professional image consultant can lead you in the right direction.

Here are some examples of how people improved their income, jobs, and relationships by improving their wardrobes and image.

Posted on December 28, 2015 .

Brilliant Gift Ideas For Your Dad, Husband, or Boyfriend

Christmas is almost here! And we have had some really loving and generous wives buying shopping and personal styling packages for their hubbies. Helping the husbands in their closets for their professional and casual wardrobes have been the most popular requests.

But if a personal styling session doesn't seem right for your guy or there isn't a great personal stylist in your city, The Shopping Friend's Personal Stylist Team has taken the liberty of creating a professional gift list of items we think the men in your life would love.


Brilliant Gift Ideas For Your Mom, Wife, Or Girlfriend

Christmas is almost here! And many of our personal styling clients who are husbands and boyfriends are scoring some major "thoughtful" points with personal styling packages as gifts for the ladies in their lives.

But if you don't have the funds or there isn't a great personal stylist in your city, The Shopping Friend Personal Stylist Team has taken the liberty of creating a professional gift list of items we think the ladies in your life would love!


The Ideal Woman's Body Shape in 18 Different Countries

When your entire job focuses around beauty, you tend to get a firsthand insight into the body battles women face every day, most of which stem from the perpetual pursuit of an unattainable (at least for most of us) social ideal of the perfect physique.

But what if we told you that same standard not only doesn’t hold true in other parts of the world, but that in many places around the globe, the so-called ‘bulge’ many of [our] clients are attempting to fight off is in fact considered to be the upmost standard of beauty?

Posted on September 27, 2015 .

WhoWhatWear Spills on Personal Stylists' Demanding Clients

Sometimes personal stylists and image consultants get some very...interesting clients and today reveals some of them! They interviewed us to get the deets on what it's like to deal with our clients who have extravagant demands or super strange requests.

Curious about what goes on behind the closed closet doors of this exclusive world, we spoke to a few personal shoppers with years of experience navigating the luxury fashion market and its biggest customers. Let’s just say their jobs are not always as fun as they may seem!


Posted on June 23, 2015 .

8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant

Wondering which personal stylist to work with? Too many choices? Choosing a personal stylist is not the easiest thing to do, nowadays, with the abundance of options out there. With the economy the way it is and high competitiveness within the job and dating markets, image consulting is becoming a mainstream, standard service no longer reserved for just the rich and famous.

If you're looking to hire a personal stylist and you've never worked with one before you may not be sure what you're looking for. Here are a few helpful tips for you to consider when hiring a personal stylist.