The Ideal Woman's Body Shape in 18 Different Countries

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When your entire job focuses around beauty, you tend to get a firsthand insight into the body battles women face every day, most of which stem from the perpetual pursuit of an unattainable (at least for most of us) social ideal of the perfect physique.

But what if we told you that same standard not only doesn’t hold true in other parts of the world, but that in many places around the globe, the so-called ‘bulge’ many of [our] clients are attempting to fight off is in fact considered to be the upmost standard of beauty?

In the following set of eye-opening images, you’ll see just what an ideal body looks like around the world, thanks to an experiment by UK group, Superdrug Online Doctors, who gave female graphic designers in 18 countries an image of a woman with the brief to Photoshop her into the ideal woman. The results are not only surprising, but a reminder of the innate fact that women are beautiful in every shape and size; something [our] clients might find refreshing to learn…


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Posted on September 27, 2015 .