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8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant

Wondering which personal stylist to work with? Too many choices? Choosing a personal stylist is not the easiest thing to do, nowadays, with the abundance of options out there. With the economy the way it is and high competitiveness within the job and dating markets, image consulting is becoming a mainstream, standard service no longer reserved for just the rich and famous.

If you're looking to hire a personal stylist and you've never worked with one before you may not be sure what you're looking for. Here are a few helpful tips for you to consider when hiring a personal stylist.


One of the biggest goals of most of our style clients is not, necessarily, to look rich. It's to look attractive. To look powerful, competent, and refined for business. To look and feel handsome or stunning, personally. It just happens to be that, in order to achieve these style goals, we have found that most clothing tastes, accessories, and jewelry that accomplish these end goals generally tend to look,

But you don't need to be wealthy to be able to find pieces that look wealthy. You just need to know what makes rich people, and you, look rich.



Do you feel like your husband or boyfriend no longer compliments you or makes the effort he once made when you two were first dating?

Do you worry that settling into married life or a long-term relationship has permanently decreased the romance, affection, and googly eyes that your guy once had for you?

A close friend of mine, Isla, has been with her husband for almost 10 years. They have a ridiculously passionate marriage. Her secret? She does what so many women are not willing to do.

What is it? Here are 10 actionable steps she uses that you can do today to impress your husband or boyfriend.


Why colors look great on one person and not so great on another is a person's unique skin tone. Some colors (like pink) can flatter almost anyone because they come in many shades. Others (like catawba) are very specific to certain skin tones.

So let's explore skin tones a little deeper using the "seasons" scale and guide you on the best wardrobe colors for you based on your hair, eye color, and skin tone.

Summer and winter are the cool skin tones, while spring and autumn are the warm ones. Again, this scale is not about how pale or dark you are. This scale is based on your undertones and establishes if you are a warm type or a cool type.

Don't be imprisoned by your color palette...



No, we're not trying to be racist or anything like that. We just want you to look your best!

Part of being able to dress in your most flattering styles is understanding what colors look best on you. If you've got that figured out you'll be able to wisely choose outfits that really make you stand out and look your best.

First, you've got to know what your skin tone is before you move on to choosing the most attractive clothes colors for your wardrobe.



Do we really need to be concerned about what's in our shampoo? It's on our heads for, like what? 2 minutes tops?

Okay. You’re thinking that it’s just hair. It’s dead. Who cares if there are some toxic ingredients in it? Hair can’t absorb it and we’re washing it out anyway.

It sounds like a logical argument. It's wrong. But it does sound logical.

This is not the area to be lax with your health awareness. Your hair isn’t the concern. It’s the wonderfully thirsty, porous, spongy layers of your scalp! They are the most sensitive and absorbent part of your body.