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Let your personal stylist take the shopping stress off you. We'll show you how to look your personal and professional best.

Let your personal stylist take the shopping stress off you. We'll show you how to look your personal and professional best.

It's time to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe.

This is The Shopping Friend's most popular service.

We're talking taking your closet and wardrobe and shaping it into a thing of beauty with the shopping sprees!

Do you feel helpless to the fashion gods on how to put together an outfit that they don't want to rain on? Don't panic.

We'll help you figure out how to look and feel the way you want to look and feel.  We will bring the magnetic, attractive, and damn!  into your wardrobe.

We make shopping easy for you.

Getting you to relax and enjoy the experience is our specialty. Shopping with you, shopping for you, dressing room pulls, in your home pulls, running returns for you, or a combo of specialized services: we'll figure out what works best for you.

Shopping with one of our professionally trained stylists will save you money and time.

Whether you hate shopping or love it, we encourage individuality, distinctiveness, and experimentation to discover your true, unique style.

We take the stress out of shopping and create a truly enjoyable experience for you. Our team has the expertise to focus on you, recognize your unique needs, and fulfill those needs with where to shop and what to buy.

We'll show you how to strengthen your personal style and shop effectively for your lifestyle. No more confused shopping trips or coming home with mediocre pieces that you barely wear, wasted money on, and don't feel attractive in.

During your personal shopping day you will gain invaluable treats!

You will learn how to make the right clothing choices for your body shape and size.

You'll acquire first-rate image tips on dressing for your lifestyle and your goals which will lead to greater confidence.

Rest assured you'll also walk away with a basic understanding of the best colors for you and proper guidance on accessorizing successfully.

We work with every type of client of any age and struggling with any image-related issue.

Whether you're in the dating scene looking for love, require a polishing up of your corporate image, or need a life-changing self esteem and confidence boost, we want to help. And our team has the experience and talent to do just that.

The variety of our clientele is across the board.

From lawyers, film directors, hotel managers, studio execs, grad students, military, moms, even fashion industry execs, and much more. Whoever you are, we guarantee you will feel more style confident, cared for, and satisfied with the personal attention and services you'll receive from our expert team.

Our shopping sprees can be booked in customizable hourly packages based on your needs.

Group personal shopping sessions are also available.

ESTIMATED TIME: Personal Shopping Sprees are typically somewhere between 4-10 hours, dependent on your individual style and wardrobe needs.

MINIMUM SESSION TIMES: 2 to 2.5 hours is the minimum amount of time for any session depending on what location you're in. If your session happens to take less time (which is rare) you will still be charged for the minimum amount of time. Contact us to find out the minimum session time for your city.


Ready to redefine your style? Let’s get started!

Have any questions? Call us at 1-888-789-0907 or contact us online.

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I introduced a new friend to some of my family members the other day and was completely embarrassed by my cousin. My cousin was not in a good mood and had no qualms of showing her displeasure, even to a perfect stranger. She stood 10 feet away from the rest of my family and when I introduced her to my friend (from 10 feet away I had to shout a little), she turned her back and gave a dismissive hand gesture. I was shocked and embarrassed.

Horrible first impressions can kill a lot of opportunities.

Most of the time, people’s first impressions of you is established in 5 to 7 seconds. It doesn’t take long. That first impression will most likely stick with them for a long time. Or make them forget you in an instant. Or even worse, want to forget you. Those 5 to 7 seconds are crucial.



To successfully communicate, you need to have a strong grasp of two languages. No, I don’t mean like Chinese or French. Although, kind of! I am talking languages where you need to learn how to "read", understand, interpret, and "speak" clearly to be effective. So in a way, yes, these languages are exactly like a spoken language.

The first is verbal language, also known as words. The second is non-verbal language, which consists of your facial expressions, your body language, your tone of voice, and your style expression.

Did you know that most communication is 93% non-verbal and 7% verbal? In some romantic situations, it’s 100% non-verbal! So what your body movements, facial expressions, and image are projecting are far more powerful than the words you are saying!