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Discover hidden style gems within your existing wardrobe and create new outfits from what you already own. We want you to love every item in your closet

Discover hidden style gems within your existing wardrobe and create new outfits from what you already own. We want you to love every item in your closet

We come straight to your home and storm your closet to find the gold that’s already there.

You never know what gems are hiding in there, the little sneaks. We help you discover those forgotten or unworn pieces and maximize your current wardrobe by pairing them with other stealthy hidden treasures. Cheapest fashion makeover ever!

Each item gets sorted into one of three piles: the Keep, Get Altered, and Retire to Goodwill piles.

Unfortunately, some people have more of a toxic dump situation in their wardrobes rather than secret treasure. Whatever the case is for you, we begin with an initial consultation, where we learn about you, your lifestyle, and your image goals.

Examine Your Existing Pieces

Then we work through your items to establish a focused wardrobe framework that complements your desired image. We establish pieces that work well on you, determine your body type and correct fit, and clear out unsuitable pieces. We'll give you honest, insightful feedback on what's happening with you and your closet.

On request, we will re-organize your closet.

We'll place every item in the most efficient and accessible position making it easy to find and combine.

We then show you how to create stylish outfits from your existing wardrobe. We can even help you with making the most of your accessories and shoes with your outfits. We'll guide you to understanding how to dress confidently for your lifestyle.

Bridging the Wardrobe Gaps

We will identify the gaps in your wardrobe and create a Shopping List Guide of what you need to purchase to have a whole and balanced wardrobe. Many clients have reported this process as life changing, epiphany filled, and liberating.

The reality is, most people wear 20% of their closets 80% of the time. Our goal for you is to create a wardrobe where you enjoy wearing 100% of it.

The next step is to fill in your wardrobe gaps with the personal shopping sprees.

The purchase of new pieces that play well with your existing items is key.

After your shopping spree(s), you can choose a follow up closet consult where we introduce your new items to your current items and create even more stylish love pairings.

Upon request, we will do a Look book for you. We take photos of your new outfits for your future reference to insure that style excellence is achieved with every outfit!

Contact us for more info or to set up an appointment!

ESTIMATED TIME: Typical closet consultations take between 2-5 hours dependent on the size of your wardrobe and what you want out of your closet consult.

MINIMUM SESSION TIMES: 2 to 2.5 hours is the minimum amount of time for any session depending on what location you're in. If your session happens to take less time (which is rare) you will still be charged for the minimum amount of time. Contact us to find out the minimum session time for your city.


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