Mother's Day is coming up...FAST. Are you're still struggling to figure out what special gift to get for the woman who birthed you and gave you life?

We can help. We're going to reveal the top 3 steps we, as professional shoppers, take when we are buying gifts for clients, as well as our own loved ones.

Shop like a professional shopper when buying gifts. Michelle reveals some tips that the pros use when shopping for gifts for clients, as well as their loved ones!

One gift option, if you don't have much time this year but want to make sure that mom is taken care of, is a shopping/styling package from The Shopping Friend. Imagine giving mom one of the most unique, personalized gifts you could ever get her...her very own personal stylist/shopper!

Shopping and styling packages are special, customized gifts and we will shower your mother with personal attention creating a memorable, valuable experience she will love. If you want to give your mother a wardrobe or image makeover for her Mother's Day gift we are ready to help you now.

If you need more gift ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got some stellar tips to help you figure out what else you could get her to show her your love this Mother’s Day weekend.

Let’s talk about mom. You love her and want her to feel cherished and special, right?

So you start perusing the stores, looking online, and reading magazine articles about what the perfect gift could be, but as you do this, a sinking reality sets in.

 All you can think of -- flowers and chocolate.


Not that mom won’t appreciate those loving gestures. You’re her kid. Of course she’ll like it.  But we’re talking about a gift that is not only just an expression of your love (heck, you could make her something handmade) but is something she really wants (like she’d want it even if you didn’t give it to her). A gift that satisfies her interests, her desires, makes her feel like you understand who she is as an individual, not just as “your mom.”

Everyone, including you and I, enjoys being understood like that. AND enjoys gifts like that.

So how do you figure out what THAT gift is? What can you buy her to really make her feel special?

These 3 steps should get your creative and inspired juices flowing in no time! And you'll be shopping like a pro.