AUG. 22, 2012 (original post)

Men DO have opinions about women's fashions...and it may not be what you think.

Face it girls. Many times we put tremendous effort into the outfits that grace our bodies in the hopes that our guys will find us that much more attractive...but then their reactions make us feel like they wouldn't even notice if we were strutting our stuff down a Dolce & Gabbana runway.

But there are some men who have their two cents to put in when it comes to women's fashion. So when Glamour magazine asked 300 men if your 2012 trends turn him off, turn him on, or confused him, they definitely got an earful.

Here's the important question: If you sport the current trends on the list below, should you change it? Answer: Maybe. It depends on what and who you are dressing for. If you are dressing just for yourself and your own satisfaction and these trends help you feel hot, fierce, and confident, then have at it! Who knows, your confidence alone could be all that is needed to attract your guy.

But if your goal is to entice your guy with some sweet or sexy fashion, I'll be honest, a lot of men do not know a lot about women's fashion. With that being said, it is worth considering why these trends ended up on the list. For the most part, men don't always like what's hot now - many generally prefer what flatters your body shape the most. So, if you've been wearing the overalls and wide fedoras to grab his attention, you might want to reconsider and rock a pair of jeans sans hat instead.


Leather shorts - Turned on...42% Turned off...37% Confused...21%

Wide fedoras - Turned on...27% Turned off...46% Confused...27%

Sheer skirts - Turned on...31% Turned off...17% Confused...52%

Overalls - Turned on...23% Turned off...55% Confused...22%

Posted on March 25, 2014 .