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To successfully communicate, you need to have a strong grasp of two languages. No, I don’t mean like Chinese or French. Although, kind of! I am talking languages where you need to learn how to "read", understand, interpret, and "speak" clearly to be effective. So in a way, yes, these languages are exactly like a spoken language.

The first is verbal language, also known as words. The second is non-verbal language, which consists of your facial expressions, your body language, your tone of voice, and your style expression.

Did you know that most communication is 93% non-verbal and 7% verbal? In some romantic situations, it’s 100% non-verbal! So what your body movements, facial expressions, and image are projecting are far more powerful than the words you are saying!


What’s casual to you? Sweats? Jeans? A funky dress? Dressy pants? A short skirt? Sexy boots? Converses? Short answer: any of it.

Casual dressing, for many, suggests unfussy or careless throwing together of things. What that can result in, sometimes, is a walking fashion disaster if you are actually being “careless.” If you’re making this blunder of looking like a frumpster and calling it casual, stop. It’s time to re-define your style definition of “casual.” Casual dressing implies free and easy; not showing effort or strain. Casual dressing is NOT haphazard, sloppy dressing.

What we actually all want, in the name of “casual,” is effortless, attractive style.