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The SECRETS to Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer


Pursuing your dream job that is an artistic venture is a usually an uphill battle for most. The market is filled with talented artists who want to succeed and the competition is fierce. Designers, actors, musicians, painters, singers, animators, etc...These are the kinds of jobs that everyone wants. People aren't doing 'whatever it takes' to be an administrative assistant.

My whole life has been nothing but artistic careers. I modeled in New York. Acted in Los Angeles. I'm now writing a book. And I've had the good fortune to be a personal stylist and image consultant for well over a decade. It's not easy, but I will tell you that it is fulfilling, fun, and worth the massive amount of effort to succeed at it.


But it's not enough just to have the gumption to jump in. You have to be trained. You must be skilled. If you want a long career, that is. And that is what trips up so many. With these kinds of jobs, people just don't know where to start. It's overwhelm time.

We get a lot of questions from people who want to design, even though we are not designers. Actually, two of our personal stylists are designers but that's a different story. I guess because we work in the world of fashion, people assume it's all the same.

Personal styling and designing clothes are two very different careers. If you want to be a personal stylist or image consultant, then we can definitely help you out. Just click here to learn how to be a personal stylist.


If you want to be a professional fashion designer and make a living doing it, I may have the info that can really help you!

This course was recommended to me for people who are looking for the steps and know-how to learn how to become a successful fashion designer. Since I, myself, don't have those answers, I figured I could guide you towards someone who does!

Click here for more info on this super affordable program to become a fashion designer and see if it's for you.

Some of what you'll learn in this course:

  • Discover How to Draw Your Designs like a Pro
  • Get the Dream Job You've Always Wanted
  • Get Paid for What You Love Doing!
  • Start Your Very Own Fashion Line with Your Own Name
  • Hot Tips from the Pros! Learn the Fashion Industry Secrets
  • Save $$$ thousands on Fashion Course Fees
  • Learn How to Start Your Own Fashion Business and Be Successful
  • Trend Forecasting Tips-   stay ahead of the fashion trends
  • How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer to make Your Clothes

and of course, more...


Happy making your dreams come true!

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