Hair, skin, weight, and health are also important factors to consider when creating a strong, powerful image and presence. It's not just about the clothes.

The Shopping Friend knows that clothes cannot change what's inside your heart, magically raise your self esteem, or change the course of life you are on. What our stylists do understand is that non-verbal communication constitutes more than 95% of our communications with others, and if you're not communicating the right message, all kinds of errors in life can occur. From your wardrobe to your hair to your skin to your makeup to your accessories to your body language, styling with our stylists is not just about aesthetics. It's about authentic truth of who you are, who you want to be, your comfort level with yourself, and what you want to communicate to the world.

You may think it's just clothes, but as any of our clients can attest to, there is a feeling, a sense of self, a confidence booster, that comes from dressing for your personality, for your lifestyle, for your mood, for your goals, for yourself.

The Shopping Friend understands and encourages the growing popularity of the organic lifestyle.

As more and more consumers become chemical wary and are disenchanted by the endless amounts of anti-aging, wrinkle reducing, skin enhancing chemical baths we call beauty products, wading through the thousands of products can be just plain confusing.

Our trained stylists will help you determine your skin and beauty needs and navigate you out of the chemical pool to find true natural and organic products. With too much government protection for the corporations (very little for us), companies can too easily mask the toxic nature of the personal care and beauty products they sell to us. And since government regulations allow them to not be fully transparent, it becomes a daunting task to make sure we’re buying healthy products. We can teach you what chemicals to avoid and help you uncover the great clean treasures of beauty and personal care.


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Posted on October 9, 2014 .