AUG. 08, 2012

The Shopping Friend and Pickn'Tell have partnered up to bring you a unique, fun, and easier way to shop with a fun and engaging new app.

This brand new app just launched a couple weeks ago! It is still growing and is building a community of users and retailers. The more retailers it works with the more valuable the app is in helping you choose the best outfits in the dressing room!

How It Works:

You’re in the dressing room, you’ve tried on 20 pairs of jeans and you just aren't sure which ones look the best for your booty. Use the Pickn’ Tell self-picture taking tool, capture the video of yourself at all angles so your friends can get a nice, close up view of each pair, then share it with your Pickn’Tell contacts. You can also share with your friends on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter! Click on the video above to see exactly how it works. In the video, the store has a Pickn'Tell screen, which participating stores will have.

Your friends can give you instant feedback on each item even as you’re out shopping alone! As a personal stylist, this is a useful tool my clients can utitlize when they need help choosing pieces for their wardrobes.You can even scan the barcodes of items you’re considering for future reference.

Check it out!

Posted on March 25, 2014 .