Enjoy the luxury of personal styling and shopping that works around your schedule, personality, and budget
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You know those enviable personal shopping package prizes you can win on CBS's "Let's Make a Deal" ? Yep, that's us!


Who Needs a Shopping Friend? Do you stand in front of your (full) closet every day and just curse at it because you have "nothing to wear"? Do you struggle to put together an outfit that doesn't put you to sleep, it's so stale and boring? Do you secretly harbor envy when you recognize great looking outfits on others, but can't recreate it on yourself if your mama's life depended on it? Do you get that overwhelm when hundreds of clothing racks are closing in on you in the shops and you can't figure out where to start? Do you mindlessly buy items just for the sake of buying, but feel no joy or confidence about how good they look on you? Can you close your eyes and envision the polished, sophisticated, and attractive image you want to project (professionally, socially, or personally) and then jolt back into reality with eyes wide open and no clue how to put it together? If you said yes to any of these, you, my friend, will benefit with a Shopping Friend.

Enjoy the luxury

of a personal stylist and shopper dedicated to and focused entirely on you! We work around your schedule, your personality, your lifestyle, your tastes, your budget. Not a celebrity? Cool. Makes no difference to us. Our services are for everyone. Business professionals to artists to stay at home moms to students.

Feel more confident

Whether you love shopping or would rather watch your fingernails grow, we are committed to helping you learn how to look your best, feel more confident with your clothing choices, and create a flattering wardrobe that supports your lifestyle and your personality. Warning: people who dislike shopping might experience short term discomfort with the sudden realization that they are having...fun.

Love Your Closet, Live the Dream

Imagine it. You open your closet in the morning and are eagerly looking forward to choosing your outfit for the day! In fact, you're stumped. Which outfit? There are a few that will make you look and feel good that day! That's what we do. Help you look and feel great in every type of outfit you own - everything from work-out clothes, to your sophisticated casuals, to your nighttime going out outfits, to your professional attire.

Too busy with work, family, and life?

Leave it to us, your expert styling team, to do what is necessary to assist you in preserving your valuable time for more important matters in your life.

Stress free shopping

We make shopping easy for you. Getting you to relax and enjoy the experience is our specialty. Shopping with you, shopping for you, dressing room pulls, in your home pulls, running returns for you, or a combo of specialized services: we'll decide what works best for you.

A glimpse into a styling session with Michelle, one of our personal stylists. For more info, please contact us at info@theshoppingfriend.com.

Now what?

OK, I'm convinced. I need great style in my life. I need it bad. (that's you talking by the way) If our services sound right for you, TAKE ACTION! Yes, you. Click here to send us a message, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, usually sooner!

Why choose The Shopping Friend over other stylists? Our team of experts understand image frustrations, how busy you are, your possible lack of style knowledge, or the deeper psychological issues related to self-esteem, image, and style. Whatever your needs are, we get to the heart of your style and image challenges. We then strategize with you and implement solutions that will help you look and feel great!