Enjoy the luxury of personal styling and shopping that works around your schedule, personality, and budget
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We are the official personal shoppers for CBS's "Let's Make a Deal" shopping package prizes

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Do you feel busy with your life but know that you need something to oomph! your style? Are you overwhelmed and unsure where to start, how to learn, what to do when it comes to figuring out how to look your best? Do you know you want to present yourself differently than the way you are now, but have no idea how? You just might need a style expert so that you can continue on with your life...and look your best while you're at it!

Enjoy the luxury of a personal stylist and shopper dedicated to and focused entirely on you! We work around your schedule, your personality, your budget. Personal styling and shopping is not only for celebrities. Our services are for everyone. From business professionals to stay at home moms to students. All our clients not only delight in it but grow and flourish from it.

Whether you love shopping or...not so much, this service will help you learn how to look your best, feel more confident in your clothes and your wardrobe choices, and create a flattering wardrobe that supports your lifestyle and your personality. If you dislike shopping, this may actually change your mind!

Imagine opening your closet in the morning and looking forward to choosing your outfit for the day. In fact, you may actually have a hard time deciding because you will own various outfits that will make you look and feel good that day! We can help you look and feel great in every type of outfit you own - from your work-out clothes to your grocery shopping casuals to your professional attire.

The Shopping Friend provides specific and unique services catered to every individual's needs. Your Shopping Friend will take the stress out of shopping and create a truly enjoyable experience! We encourage individuality, distinctiveness, and experimentation to discover your true, unique style that will make you feel like a million bucks.

A glimpse into a styling session with Michelle, one of our personal stylists. For more info, please contact us at info@theshoppingfriend.com.

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